Catching Up & a bit of Farming

I am really behind on everything I would love to share. Between work, family, and all my projects my blog really suffers.

I will get around to posting my US travels at some point, but not today.

We have had a very unexpectedly warm, sunny, and dry Spring/Summer/Fall. Usually, we would be going back and forth between 12C and 4C days with wet gloomy grey skies, and instead we have had sunny cloudless 22C to 28C days! It’s like a dream come true. I know that nature is suffering under these conditions, but I am feeling great.

The best part (as a gardener) of this whole weird weather is that my plants are giving more fruits and the fruit is more intense in flavor – sun does wonders for food. This is thanks to my awesome neighbors who watered all my plants for 6 weeks! And, not one of them even had a wilted leaf on them.

Here’s an update on how my mini farm looked a few weeks ago. Now, 1/3 of the plants are indoors to protect them from the cold at night, and the outdoor plants are set up to better catch the lower sun’s rays. More pictures to come!


Welcome to the Jungle

We have had an amazing Spring so far – with lots of sunshine and warm summer temperatures. This is quite a treat since we live in a pretty grey-sky-ladened region of Germany.

Here are some pictures of “the farm”. I was at our local garden market this weekend and couldn’t help but buy a few plants from my favorite organic farmers. Thank goodness that the balcony in our new apartment is much larger!

Now growing on the farm:







Scarlet Beebalm

White flowering Catnip


Chocolate Mint

Grenada Mint

Spear Mint

Strawberry Mint

Lemon Melisse


Italian Basil

African Basil

Krim Basil

French Tarragon

Leafy Mustard





Pineapple Sage

Mandarin Sage

Scented Geraniums


Green Onions

Bay Leaf


Creeping Rosemary





Pineapple Strawberries

Wild Strawberries


Cape Gooseberry



Bergamot Lemons


Vegetables & Co:



Wild white Tomatoes

Brown Japanese Tomatoes


Purple Jalapeños

Pimentos del Padron

Sweet Habaneros

Purple Potatoes

Pink Potatoes

Yellow Potatoes

mini Striped Eggplant

Cambodian Chilies

Cayenne Chilies

Up-Cycling using Nature’s best Garbage

I had quite an interesting conversation with my son today: “Mom, was there only organic garbage before?”

“What do you mean by before?”

“In the Middle Ages”

“No, there was no garbage in the same sense as we know it today. There was no packaging, everything was reused or recycled into something else.”

“Even food?”

“Food leftovers and scraps were fed to the animals.”

I had a smile on my face during the silence following our little conversation while we drove back from one of our favorite local farms “Auhof”. It feels good when my kids think about social issues and his thoughts on garbage were similar to my thoughts on the beautiful and smart up-cycling works of art that I saw in the “Augenweide”.

There is “garbage” all around this beautiful garden that has been turned into beautiful and fun ideas:

A crunchy path of walnut shells

Insect hotels

Chestnut necklaces for trees

Ivy wreaths that provide a bit of protection


Pinecone garland

Folded paper wreaths

Branch ornaments

Fence wreaths

Pussy willow wreaths

Bottle Ornaments

I think these are great examples of what you can make with what you have lying around. Obviously, this didn’t happen over night and is the love and care poured into this garden over decades.