Spring is in the Air

It is officially Spring and the trees have started blooming. This is such a nice reward after a dreary grey Winter.



Trekking to Bird Island

We are taking advantage of the beautiful weather around here and drove out to Muhr am See – a tiny town on the Altmühlsee (Old Mill Lake).  From here we gave the kids the task of leading the way to the lake where we wanted to visit the Vogelinsel (Bird Island) – a sanctuary built in the 80s for the local bird population.

I was a bit sceptical about the kids leading the way, but we made it – by walking through a field – to the island.  The sanctuary is actually made up of many little islands and visitors can only reach a few by way of a series of bridges.  It is a beautiful walk through shaddy grove.  We didn’t see birds along our entire walk, but we definitely heard them, and there is a great lookout post built on one of the islands close to a beach filled with tons of different birds.  We were really glad to visit at this time of the year because there were so many baby animals.

This is a really beautiful corner of Franconia, and if you are up for a longer trip, you can ride your bike around the entire lake on the smooth bike paths and stop and swim in the lake on one of its beaches or join one of the many wind surfers.  There’s plenty to do here for the whole family.


Day Trip to Oberrimbach

Today we took a trip down memory lane and visited the tiny village where my mother-in-law grew up.  Oberrimbach (Germany), is nestled between farm fields, hills, and the Steiger Forest.  Nowadays, there isn’t much out there – no grocery store, bakery, doctor’s office, post office – nothing except a little bed and breakfast with a restaurant that has been around since 1935.


After a nice franconian country-lunch, we took a walk around the village and visited the old family bakery, the house where she grew up, her favorite place to sled on her book bag in the snow on the way home from school, and the little community pool built in the 1940s that she swam in every summer – for an entry fee of 10 cents!

We strolled past the farm houses that her friends lived in, visited the church where she made her confirmation, and picked apples in the church yard and fed the horses in the neighboring fields.

Oberrimbach (as well as the entire Steiger forest region) is easy to reach by car from Nuremberg.  It’s a great place to go hiking or just drive out for a Sunday stroll with the family to enjoy the colorful Fall landscape.