Birkensee Summer 

I cannot say it enough: summer is finally here.  We had such a icy winter and such a cold wet Spring that it is hard to believe that it’s warm and sunny.  It still feels like a dream and we try to take advantage of the summer rays because once September rolls around, the summer fun will be over.

Today we decided to drive out to the town of Reichelsdord west of Nuremberg and take our little bbq grill for a walk to the Birkensee (Birch lake).  I habe to say that I was really surprised by the beauty of this small lake.  We parked our car at the edge of a forest and walked through the woods for 10 minutes until we landed right at the wdge of the lake.  It’s a family-friendly lake with sandy beaches and tree-covered enclaves, bbq areas, and refreshing water to swim in.  The only thing you should be prepared for is that nudity is allowed here, so if you’re uncomfortable with nude people swimming, sunning, or walking around you, then you should go to another local lake.  Otherwise, this is a great gem tucked away at the edge of the city that we will definitely return to for a summer refreshment.


Mushroom Hunting in the Nuremberg’s Reichs Forest

A short Sunday hike in Nuremberg’s enchnated Reichs forest (Reichswald) just outside of Brunn caught us off guard.  There were so many beautiful mushrooms snuggled in pillows of moss and growing on dead wood.



img_1919Now, we are no mushroom experts, but there were a few that we recognized – the Red Cracking Bolete and the Bay Bolete – and took home to make into a nice warm German dish of Steamed Bread Dumplings with Sweet & Sauer Sauce.  This was our first try making this traditional dish into a vegan meal, and it is still a work in progress, so there is no recipe yet.

We knew it was cold outside, but it wasn’t until we were deep in the frozen forest that we started to feel the chill.  We were greatful for our thermos full of hot tea and such a lovely setting to enjoy it in.