Savory Tofu Breakfast Scramble

I have to admit that I loved scrambled eggs.  After making the leap, a few years ago, into the vegan life, I sporadically – especially on Sunday mornings – would reminisce of this soft, savory, fluffy dish.  But, I chalked it off as a dish of my past life, since I am not a big fan of eating industrial vegan copies of non-vegan foods.

A few months ago, I kept coming across quite a few tofu scramble posts, but tofu is a delicate ingredients that I rarely use in my kitchen.  If it isn’t prepared properly, it can be pretty yucky, but as nagging ideas go, my curiosity won, and I have to say that I’m pretty glad that it did!

As with most recipes I get my hands on, I can’t keep from tweaking them, and this recipe from hot for food is no exception.  I have made a few of their recipes in the past, and knew that this would be a good recipes to use as a starting point.  The original recipe calls for turmeric, which I replaced with a smaller amount of Ingo Holland’s (my favorite spice expert!) fruity Mango Curry mixture (limited edition).  And, I  replaced the paprika with his smoked Pimenton dela Vera (smoked Spanish paprika), as well as leaving out the plant based milk and using firm silken tofu instead – which has an almost identical consistency to fluffy scrambled eggs.

Now, with all the added flavor this does not taste directly like eggs – it tastes like a deliciously savory scramble, and the consistency reminds you of eating eggs.  It definitely makes a great festive vegan breakfast for a special occasion!

Savory Tofu Breakfast Scramble

Makes 1 large portion / Prep time 5 min / Total time 15 minutes

2t Coconut Oil
1 Green Onion, minced – whites and greens separated
1 block (400g) firm Silken Tofu
2T Nutritional Yeast
1/8t Ingo Holland’s Mango Curry (or Turmeric)
1/2t smoked Pimenton de la Vera (or Paprika)
1/4t Salt

In a small bowl, mix together the nutritional yeast, mango curry, smoked
paprika, and salt. Set aside.

Heat a large skillet over high heat, and add coconut oil and white parts
of green onions. Stir shortly, and, using your hand, squish in chunks
of silken tofu. Give the mixture a good stir so that the tofu is coated
in oil. Mix in the spice mixture and stir until well combined.

At this point, allow tofu to slightly brown in pan to round out the
flavors of the spices – about 5 minutes – stirring occasionally.
Remove from heat and serve – top with remaining green onion halves.

Serve with your favorite breakfast accompaniments.


Simple Breakfast Guacamole

On Sundays we go all out and have a nice big breakfast.  Usually it involves lots of bread from our favorite local baker – Bäckerei Wein Mühle, a colorful mixture of the hundreds of homemade jams that we have in our pantry, and a delicious vegan dark chocolate spread from dm.  However, every once in a while, I just don’t want to have a sweet breakfast, and crave the flavors of my childhood – creamy avocados and tangy citrus.

I grill my bread (Carrot-Pumpkin Seed Whole Wheat Bread) over an open flame on the stove top to give it a nice roasted flavor.  Then, I whip up a quick and simple guacamole that I like to top off with some freshly sliced tomatoes.  A delicious vegan breakfast with complex flavors that help start off a nice weekend morning.

Serves 1-2 / Prep Time 5 min / Total Time 5 min

1 Avocado
juice of 1/2 Lime (or Lemon)
1 big pinch of Salt
1 big pinch Garlic Powder
1 dash of ground Jalapeño

Mash avocado with a fork and mix in all other ingredients.  Taste and adjust flavors – every avocado is different!

Spread on freshly roasted bread and top with tomato slices seasoned with pepper, or with your favorite vegetables: cucumber slices, alfalfa sprouts, radishes….