Hikers Paradise – La Palma, Canary Islands – Day 10

Ah, my friend the old rusty rooster, how I will miss you 4:30am calls.  We are up early and watch the sun rise on our balcony while enjoying a breakfast of local Canary fruits and coffee.


The sun rises over the neighboring volcano and silence sets in.  We have to go back.  Why do we have to go back?


We pack our bags and drive into Los Llanos to pick up our friend with whom we will go to the airport to.  We arrive early and drive to Parque Gómez Felipe –  a small Gaudi-styled park in Los Llanos.  And, as life would have it, there is a rooster walking around the playground.  I tell you, these things are like the plague.


We enjoy our stroll and then travel on to the airport in Santa Cruz.  We whisk away into the air and watch the tiny island disappear behind us.

As we arrive in Frankfurt we are hit with a whiff of “city smell”.  It smell dirt and unnatural.  Odd how I never noticed that before.  Luckily it is hot and sunny here too so getting used to being back won’t be so hard.

The sun definitely shines differently here – it feels further away.  I will be back La Palma.  I will be back.


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