Hikers Paradise – La Palma, Canary Islands – Day 9

Today is our last full day on La Palma and it is starting to sink in that we will soon be leaving this paradise.  We decide to deive to the northeastern part of the island to hike the Cubo de la Galga.


It is really nice and hot today as the sun shines down on us, we feel lucky to be here and get so much hiking in.  We enter the national park and make a comfortable hike for about 3 hours through forests full of long jurasic-sized blackberry vines.  The shade if the trees is a nice respite from the hot sun.


Our entire hike takes us along the side of a creek bed filled with boulders.  About 2/3 of the way through we break through the crown of trees and are rewarded with a grand view of the neighboring islands of Tenerrifa and La Gomera off in the distance.


My heart aches and I take in a deep breath to make a memory of such a wonderful place.  I will come back one day – it feels like home here.

We drive back home from our hike and enjoy one last home cooked meal on our balcony overlooking the Atlantic.  We watch the sun set and then sip a glass of Vegan Norte white wine under a blanket of stars.


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