Hikers Paradise – La Palma, Canary Islands – Day 8

Today we wake up, slowly enjoy breakfast on our patio overlooking the Atlantic and a huge platano plantation, and decide to take a break from hiking for a day and visiting a few places that we have driven past on our journeys.  It is a nice hot day, with a light cool breeze.  We get in our car and drive down to the tip of the island to the visit Las Salinas.  It is so barren and rocky here.




We take a self guides tour along the different salt pools and discover a multitude of small sea birds that walk around the pools looking for food.  The salt is so beautiful glittering in the sun, and every once in a while we see sea foam swaying in the wind and clinging on to the black volcanic rocks.



We walk all the way down to the tip of the island and can see the eastern and western Atlantic currents colliding off the coast.  It is very windy here and the waves breaking on the coast make for a spectacular view.



Afterwards, we get in our car and make out way back north and spontaneously decided to take a detour to the town of Tazacorte.  It is a really beautiful small town with a lot of Spanish influences.  We take a stroll – which is a nice break from the endless winding roads on the island.


We then hop back in out car and drive into Los Llanos where our friends live and meet then for dinner at the organic restaurant El Duende del Fuego.  The this an amazingly delicious dining experience.  The setting is very simple, the menu is full of dietary specialties (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free) all made of local products.  I ate a vegan Canary Rice with Artichokes and Garlic.  It was so flavorful.  We were also served potatoes with a guava dipping sauce.  I would never have paired the two, but guava and potato make a great team.  We each enjoyed a glass of a different Canary wine grown in the different volcanic regions of the island.  The flavors that sing through are absolutely amazing: peaches, passion fruit, cherry – all complements of the various minerals in the soil where the grape vines grow.  Simply put, volcanic wine is spectacular!

After a nice evening with our friends, we strolled through the quiet streets of Los Llanos.  In the distance a crow calls goodnight, and we head home to our apartment for a good nights sleep.



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